fuck it

Unbelievably... story, DONE.

I actually finished something! [falls over in shock]

It turned out to be a little more "later" than "sooner", but it's DONE.

I'll start posting it here tonight. I plan to post in chunks here in LJ-land. I've been out of commission so long, I'm not sure where the email lists stand these days.
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the kiss... not sure where it came from

wow... January? Really?

So... yeah. So much for occasionally updating. Seven months.

The will is there, but the schedule is crushing. My interest and desire to do more with my unfinished stories and ideas are both still very present. Unfortunately, professional commitments just keep ramping up up up. Which I don't mean to complain about... it's a good thing, really.

Just frustrating.

And how odd that my last post was specific to Heath-grief, and Dark Knight just opened. Haven't seen it yet, but do expect to.

Hi everyone. :)
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fuck it

still and then

Still grappling with Heath-grief. Thanks to those of you who commented about this and shared your thoughts. It really helped to hear other fans talk about how fan-grief is a confusing thing to process. I think in general I'm doing better, but mostly through not thinking too hard about it. When my mind goes there, it sits and dwells.

It catches me up at odd times.

Procrastinated on three contracts over the weekend, and instead opened up the big M/K twice.

I need different icons. I've said this before, and not ever bothered/had time to upload some. I should do something about that, eventually.
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